West Michigan Organic

Eating natural in West Michigan

Web April 4, 2011

Interesting websites…

tree huggers – Holland

island institute for sustainable living, art & natural design – Northwest Lower Michigan

seeds of change with recipes

Local connections at foodshed.net 

Here are some inspiring families that took the plunge and living “naturally” in West Michigan: Third Day Farms and Maple Valley Farm

And a mother that transitioned to Real Food and is helping others: Kelly the Kitchen Kop


3 Responses to “Web”

  1. Adam Dahlstrom Says:

    Like your site- just found it when googling to find Visser Farm’s growing practices. When my partner and I get a night out w/o the kids, we like to try out places in West Mi that support local and organic agriculture. We were planning on “Salt of the Earth” in Fennville, then I found out that most of their produce comes from Visser. We buy organic produce almost exclusively for our meals at home (we too shop Sweetwater market) because we want to 1. feed our children and ourselves the healthiest food possible 2. support local farmers, and 3. encourage organic, non-GMO, pesticide-free, and sustainable farming practices with our hard earned dollars. It’s not always easy to find the info- I was glad to find the Visser info on your site (not organic, but low-spray, sustainable, etc…). Prefer organics ALL the time, but realize it’s not always possible with a night out. Whew!… that’s a lot of words that basically amount to this- Thanks for your site and keep up the good work! Sincerely, Adam Dahlstrom

  2. Todd Stone Says:

    Sad that your opening paragraph includes statements about non-organic practices and impact on our environment. And you give Visser Farms a plug witch is NOT, NOT, NOT,!!!!!! ORGANIC. And you support that. What is the point??

    • Todd, thanks for commenting. As was mentioned in the intro, this whole experience has been a process of trial and error as it has been difficult to find both locally grown and chemical free food. It hasn’t been easy. The only way to be entirely sure of what you are getting is to grow it yourself. I did mention that Visser is not organic but it is LOCAL and I believe them (naively?) that they are trying their best to be sustainable and be good stewards of the soil. I believe they are still a better option than anything “organic” shipped over from a California mega-farm.

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